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Life is busy. Your health is often something that is taken for granted and only examined in moments of trauma, when it fails.

Spending time to reconnect with your health is the single most important activity you as a person can do.

Understanding how you make your health decisions, clarifying your aspirations for a healthy future and having a plan which works for your life is the corner stone to ensuring the rest of your life works in the way you need it to.

#PersonBeforePatient works with a spiral, the oldest spiritual symbols as an insights tool – inviting you to walk your life, your unique path - your story of health.

Whether you are aware of it or not, all of your past experiences have shaped the ingrained attitudes to well being that you have, and they influence how you manage your health today. Not just how you manage symptoms of a cold, but also how you relax, build relationships, incorporate self-care into your life, cope with challenges and resolve conflicts.

Step by step, calmly re-examining your own history, taking the opportunity to influence the meaning of your past will shape and strengthen your foundations from which you step towards your future – a healthier, happier future.


Working with both individuals and groups, the #PersonBeforePatient spiral workshop lasts 2-hours. During which time you are guided through the story of your own life, your own health.

Using the spiral as an insights tool:

·        you will ask yourself ‘why’ and you will find the answers buried in your experiences;

·        you will also ask yourself ‘what’ and define your own future; and

·        you will ask yourself ‘how’ to ensure your answers work for your vibrant life.

#PersonBeforePatient can accommodate up to 10 people in each workshop.

For group workshops which explore team dynamics and aspirations for the future , please contact #personbeforepatient directly for a tailored quote.

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